The best sushi ideas

Salmon crescent roll

Making your sushi rolls at home means that you can deviate from the traditional norm a little bit in terms of what a “sushi roll” can contain!

Vegetable Roll

Don’t assume you can’t try a variety of sushi recipes just because you (or somebody in your family) doesn’t eat fish or meat. Vegetable rolls can be filled with all sorts of vegetables and take on all kinds of flavors.

California Sushi Roll

Delight in the flavor and texture combination of crisp cucumber, creamy avocado and succulent crab wrapped in brown rice and sushi nori. This classic roll is a great first recipe for homemade sushi adventurers, appealing to adults and kids alike.

Top sushi types


Temari -sushi is a variant of Nigiri that is in small round ball shaped instead of the usual oblong. These colorful balls of sushi combine vibrant contrasting colors sashimi or cooked vegetable (to soften them) over seasoned sushi rice; that resemble those decorative ornaments(hence temari name).


The inside-out rolls, or uramaki, are different from other types of sushi, as their name may suggest. It’s simple, really: the rice is on the outside and the nori (edible seaweed) inside.


The basic Japanese definition of chirashi is “scattered.” So what is chirashi? This is a bowl of sushi rice, which is seasoned with rice vinegar, and then topped with an assortment of raw fish and different garnishes.

Useful sushi making tips

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    Resist the urge to overstuff

    All beginners are tempted to put way too much rice and filling in their sushi rolls. What happens? The rolls don’t roll up, or they do roll up but then split open, ingredients squishing out all over the place.

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    Don't use much rice

    Don’t overwork the rice, either when seasoning or when creating the bed for nigiri sushi or maki. Your sushi rice needs air to make good sushi.

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    Use sushi-rolling mat

    While your hands are capable of making haphazard rolls, having a sushi-rolling mat is what makes them look so pretty and professional.

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