Spicy vegan scallop roll recipe

I found some beautiful king oyster mushrooms in Chinatown last week, with no real plan on how to use them. I didn’t want to buy a ton of ingredients to make a dish, so I used what I already had in my cabinets and refrigerator, and made these spicy and nicely textured sushi rolls with them. The trick here with getting the mushrooms to develop a similar texture to a scallop is an hour-long soak in a little warm water to soften them up a bit. A quick roll in some panko and cornstarch gives these rolls a nice little crunch and goes well with the spicy sriracha-Vegenaise sauce.

If you scan below for the ingredients that I used to make the glaze you see on the plate above, you won’t find them—I was overgenerous with adding in a thickener, and ended up with an aromatic but weirdly textured sauce that was almost inedible. However, it turned out that this dish doesn’t really require all of that anyway, as a quick dunk in a little soy sauce balances everything out perfectly here.